About Us

Founded in 2013, E-Select, owners of Universitas Terbuka, is one of the Africa’s fastest-growing e-publishing company, offering e-Past Questions, eBooks, e-Newspapers and e-magazines to millions of users across Africa. It is our mission to empower teachers, students, book lovers and the general public to read more. Universitas Terbuka is committed to working with publishers, authors and booksellers to advance the transformation of books from print to digital.

Open Platform

Universitas Terbuka believes people should be able to read and learn on their terms. Our open platform, which supports the most popular formats, including EPUB, EPUB3 and PDF, allows readers to buy and read digital content from a variety of sources.

Diverse and Extensive Content

Universitas Terbuka is on its way to offer one of Africa’s largest e-Bookstores with millions of titles across different languages. From commercial publishers to self-published works, newspapers to colourful kids’ titles, there's something to suit any taste.

Top-Rated Reading App and Website

With the free Universitas Terbuka app, you can access our 24/7 e-Bookstore and read on your tablet, smartphone or desktop. The Universitas Terbuka app and website offer a truly customisable reading experience with adjustable fonts and margins and allow for reading with ease.